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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brown Sugar Scrub and Facial Exfoliator

A Brown Sugar and Lemon Juice Body and Facial Scrub = Cheap and Easy Exfoliation

Exfoliating at home doesn't need to be expensive or difficult.  You can do it simply with household cooking ingredients.  This will leave your skin feeling super clean and fresh, and has a similar quality to a micro-dermabrasion treatment but without any harsh chemicals.  The lemon juice is anti-bacterial so it works really well for cleaning those areas that are often oily and get touched a lot, like around the hair and jaw-line, so make sure you scrub well around there.  The brown sugar is a natural exfoliator that will clean your pores and slough off dead skin cells. 

Remove any make-up and wash your face with warm water to open your pores first.  I do this once a week, followed by a Yogurt Facial Mask

lemon juice (either from fresh squeezed lemon or bottled juice)
brown sugar (ideally fair trade, organic)

1. Saturate a cotton pad with lemon juice.

2. Sprinkle a small amount of brown sugar over the pad.

3 Dampen your skin with warm water, and, using a circular motion, scrub the cotton pad over your skin in a circular motion.  Go gently at first to see how your skin reacts.  If you can handle it, scrub a little harder.  You may experience some tingling, this is the lemon juice and is normal.  However, if you react strongly, scrub gently.  Avoid the eyes. Scrub all over face and neck.  If you find that the lemon juice is a bit harsh, try diluting it with water. 

4. Rinse with warm water.  Follow with the Yogurt Facial Mask.

*OAS Info: This is free of all the common OAS allergens I have found. 

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