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Friday, May 25, 2012

Making Kombucha Diary: Day 7 - What does Kombucha taste like, a video and an update

Myshka kitty and Synergy Gingerberry Kombucha
Day 7!  Phew, I'm getting excited to try my brew!!

If you're just checking in for the first time, I'm keeping a diary of my adventures in brewing Kombucha.  Day 1 I posted an overview of what Kombucha is, Day 2-4 I posted some info on terms, and Day 5 was my tutorial on my method of brewing Kombucha.

I finally got to actually try some Kombucha on Wednesday so I thought I would share my experience here so you know what to expect if you haven't tried it before.

 I also wanted to pass on this fantastic Q and A video with Hannah of Kombucha Kamp, which provides a ton of info on brewing Kombucha, Kombucha benefits, and who might have problems with Kombucha and why.  Super super helpful!! 

My friend Brianna brought the Bellingham Community Coop to my attention last year and and it's a great little coop not too far from White Rock, BC.  They have tons of gluten free stuff, lots of uber healthy, local, natural stuff and fantastic prices.  So we crossed the BC border into Washington and went to do a little bit of shopping there.  We head over there because, alas, we don't really have many coops in the BC Lower Mainland.  This is super sad and I don't understand why!! The West Coast is so focused on health and natural living that it's surprising we don't have more coops.  I have yet to make it to the East End Food Co-op in Vancouver on Commercial Drive, but I hear it's great.  Just wish it was closer!

Anyway, so we headed across the border and whilst there I picked up a bottle of Synergy Kombucha - Gingerberry flavour (flavoured with ginger and blueberry).  When I cracked it open I have to confess I was a bit put off by the strong yeasty - vinegary smell.  However, the taste is actually really mild.  It's almost like a sparkling water, it's fizzy (oh yeah, don't shake the bottle!!  I did that while driving and when I opened it, it exploded a little on my leg and hand... way to go me, super bright).

Kombucha, Day 7 with a good layer of yeast on top
The taste is actually very nice, fruity, refreshing and zingy.  I did notice a slightly yeast-y aftertaste which was a bit odd.  So I didn't chug the whole bottle right away.  Instead, I waited until later that evening when I cracked open a bottle of Fetzer Cab-Sauv (I like Fetzer because they're a super eco-friendly winery and their wine is very reasonably priced but very tasty).  I then mixed a bit of the Kombucha with the wine and had a Cab-Sauv spritzer!!  Now that was good.  Maybe a little too good...

So I'm sure that once I get used to it, it will taste better.  For now, I may continue to mix it with juice (or wine ;p ) until I get over the yeast-y smell.  At present, The Flipper (my fiance), who has been so fantastic about trying my bizarre kitchen concoctions and adjusting his diet to eat reasonably healthy like me, won't try it because of the smell. 

Oh, and I recently noticed that some people have come across my kombucha postings by querying can you feed Kombucha to your cat?  Well at about 24 minutes into the video with Hannah from Kombucha Kamp, she says that she mixes a little bit of Kombucha in to her dog's wet food and he's very healthy.  So I would imagine that a little bit in your cat's wet food might be ok too.  (Don't quote me on that, I'm not a vet or a nutritionist.  I'm just putting in my two cents!)

For the rest of the Kombucha diaries, check out:

*OAS Information: If you have Oral Allergy Syndrome, you *should* be ok with this one.  In fact, an article from the Toronto NOW Magazine refers to Japanese research that suggests green tea may help ease allergy symptoms (unfortunately I can't find the exact source for this study, but here's the article).


  1. I love them! I so don't mind the yeasty smell or aftertaste. Delish. The new ones with suspended chia seeds need a second sip to let the mouth adjust, kind of like those drinks back in high school with the "things" suspended in them... I think they were called "orbitz".

    1. Yes! That chia Kombucha you got was pretty good, albeit slightly thick because of the "gelling" of the chia seeds. I found this blog ( that mentions at the end that you can just toss some chia seeds in to your Kombucha after brewing to make your own chia kombucha, so perhaps that will be my next experiment and you can be my taster! :)

  2. Hi!
    I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the source of your scoby is really important. As in, it should be from someone you know and trust (or a reputable dealer) because of the chance for there to be some sort of contamination or sickness. Have you read anything like this? Like I said, I have a very vague memory and am not sure if that warning was even pertaining to kombucha brewing.
    I found some scobies from local dealers but do not know them personally and am assuming they are just from their own brewing adventures.

  3. Hi Vanessa, I'm pretty sure that you can tell just by looking at the scoby if it's healthy or not. It it has mold on it, don't accept it! Look for something that looks similar in colour to what I've posted. I've had my eyes open lately and I've been seeing them for sale at various co-ops, in clear packaging so that you can see it. I think actually seeing it first is your best bet to ensuring it's healthy. Otherwise, look up KombuchaKamp, they seem to have a very good reputation.

    That said, the one I grew myself and passed on to my friend somehow ended up growing mold after a couple of days of brewing and she's had to start over using another one. It may have somehow gotten contaminated somewhere between me putting it in the container to give her, or something in the air.

  4. I have read numerous posts from brewers that feed their pets the extra SCOBYs -- just cut them up and let them have pieces as a treat.

    1. I haven't tried that myself but I've also read that some people feed it to their pets. I guess if an animal is willing to eat it despite the vinegar-y scent I don't see it being a problem.


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