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Friday, March 29, 2013

How to Save On Shopping - Guest post by Nicole of Rolling Out Dough

It's Good Friday and I'm thrilled to announce a frugal guest poster today on P & GF! 

Nicole of Rolling Out Dough is sharing a post with some tips on how to save on shopping.  Meanwhile, I'm sharing a post over on her site on how to naturally clean your coffee maker using one super cheap household ingredient. 

So read on for 6 of Nicole's tips to save your shekels when you head out shopping! 

Nicole is gluten intolerant and wanted to create a resource for saving money on gluten free food. She loves reading, getting a great deal and spending time with her husband and son. To get more recipes, coupons and money saving tips please visit You can also find her on Pinterest at .

Let’s see carrots, soup, chicken… right how much did you say? Have you ever gone to the grocery store and spent over $100 just to come home and think wow I didn’t even buy that much! I used to do that all the time but then I changed the way I shop and now my grocery bills are a lot lower. I love helping others save, here are a few ideas that I hope will help you.

1. Shop what is on sale instead of what is on your list. Don’t go the store with a list and say okay I am going to make a roast,  chicken enchiladas, buy apples, etc this week and buy the ingredients for those meals.  Go to the store with an open mind and make meals based on what is in season and what is on sale. I save a lot of money this way especially on meat.

2. If you have something you buy a lot frequently see if your store offers a case discount,  when you order a whole case you can receive a discount - this is quite common and often you can save up to 10%. This is great for things like gluten free flour, soy milk and other pricey items.

3. Avoid gimmick pricing at the grocery stores. Sometimes stores have a promotion for “10 for $10” or “4 for $5” and it seems like a great sale but be aware these may not even be on sale.

4. Use coupons for your favorite gluten free and organic foods. Visit manufacturer’s websites and Facebook - pages to get coupons or go to my top three sites for printing coupons:, and

5. Go online and shop! This seems like something I shouldn’t have to tell you but I know so many people who still are leery of online shopping. Don’t be! Sites like, Drugstore.Com, and offer some amazing prices on organic and gluten free groceries.

6. Last, don’t get discouraged when you only save a dollar or two it can really add up over time! I have saved so much just a few dollars at a time.

Do you have a tip for saving on groceries? 


  1. I am so glad to see someone advise shopping from sales instead of a list!!! The advice I see more often is to stick to your list and not make any "impulse purchases"--well, doesn't the wisdom of that depend on what your impulses are? Mine often are like, "Sweet potatoes only 79c/lb! We'll have those instead of carrots!"

    Here are my tips on grocery frugality.

    1. Hi Becca, agreed! I usually have a basic list and keep things flexible and meal plan after I go shopping (not before), in case I find something on sale, or new that I want to try. There's the "Oooh I want that because it looks good/I'm hungry now" impulse, and then the more level headed "Oh I didn't know that was on sale and I'll totally use it" impulse.


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