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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Meal Planning Around the Farmers Market

This week's farmers market finds and how I'm planning around them

It's been a long and grey winter and this Saturday was finally a beautiful spring day and the Dane County Farmers Market was crazy packed with shoppers and runners for the Crazy Legs Marathon. There were tons of beautiful bedding plants for those lucky enough to have a place to plant them. 

Produce is still a bit sparse at the market since it's been so cold and wet, but I managed to find a few things. Before I make our meal plan for the week I like to see what's available at the farmers market, so that I can plan to eat in season, and go local as much as possible. 

I haven't made my meal plan yet, but I've got some little mushrooms, Wisconsin Swiss cheese, a bunch of watercress and a half pound of spinach to work around!  I'm envisioning something like my Winter Salad with Local Spinach with mushrooms instead of sweet potatoes. 

I might also make my Sugar Free Beet Pear Salad Dressing and use watercress instead of lettuce, with little chunks of swiss cheese.

Or maybe some sauteed mushrooms and steamed spinach as side dishes? 

What would you do with spinach, watercress, mushrooms and Swiss cheese?  Are you incorporating anything local into your meal plan this week?


  1. I would make GF pizza with the cheese, mushrooms and spinach.

  2. I'd do a stir-fried rice with those ingredients (and melt the cheese on top of it)!

  3. I would saute the mushrooms with onions and/or garlic and some herbs in olive oil, then add the spinach and some beans, stir until warmed, and serve over rice or potato with nutritional yeast flakes and maybe some sunflower seeds--similar to this deliciousness.

    1. That looks awesome! Thanks for the link, Becca. I haven't used the mushrooms yet and that looks like a quick but hearty dinner :)

  4. We live around a bunch of farmers (just moved here recently), so I'm hoping we have a good Farmers Market start soon! I love the fresh foods.

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  6. Great finds, Danielle! I’m glad you still managed to get your hands on quality produce, and that you got some good ideas for your purchases. I’m sure whatever you cook up would taste great. Cheers!

    Faith Thomas @ The Berry Farm


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