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Friday, August 9, 2013

Apologies re: Ads

My sincere apologies to anyone who visited the site in the last day or two and saw some enormous ads blocking the text! Apparently I had an ad blocker on my browser that prevented me from seeing that my Google adsense application had been approved and that large ads were actually showing on my site. My heart kind of stopped for a second when I realized they were there.

Please accept my apologies, I haven't gone all spammy on you all. Over the next day or two I'll be fiddling to find the best placement of ads so they won't interfere with your reading experience or the aesthetic of the site. I apologize that the ads are even here in the first place, but momma's gotta pay some bills (I am poor and gluten free, afterall!). I've blocked political and religious content and other stuff I think might be offensive or irritating. 

This really shouldn't affect you, my lovely reader, all that much except that you'll see a couple of ads on the sides (which are marked as such). You can check out my terms of use and privacy policy page if you have any questions about the ads. 

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