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Saturday, October 5, 2013

My GF, Locavore-ish Weekly Meal Plan & 'What's Cookin' Sunday?'

Once again I’m proud of us for making to the farmers market by 8am! I even woke up before dawn and worked out before we had breakfast and headed out. I’m trying desperately to get my Oral Allergy Syndrome Cookbook ready for publication, so this week I intend to spend minimal time in the kitchen.

Well, except for the pumpkin pie I’m making today to take to a Canadian Thanksgiving potluck on Sunday.  I tested the recipe out on Thursday night and was very pleased, and a little alarmed, that my husband ate a whole ¾ of the pie yesterday!! Luckily he eats very healthy 95% of the time and has a high metabolism. 

I’m also excited about my husband making dinner tonight. He actually picked up 1lb of local emu meat at the market today and plans to make an emu stew. We don’t really eat much meat (at present there’s 1 meat recipe on my whole blog!) but I’m willing to give emu a try.

Now let the meal planning begin!

Grandma's Dill Pickles, for snacking

And speaking of emu, apparently it’s very lean and rich in antioxidants. We got ours from a woman-owned emu farm in Wisconsin, called Valley View Emus. I realized afterwards that the owner herself sold us the emu, and she was a super nice lady. 


This week we’re basing meals around the following farmers market finds:

* 1 lb emu                                           * 1 bunch parsnips
* 2 bunches of organic kale                * 1 bunch organic Swiss chard
* 2 organic heirloom tomatoes           * ½ lb spray-free mixed greens
* 1 lb green beans                               * organic carrots                                             
* 1 small head green cabbage             * 2 heads broccoli
            * 2 small cucumbers                            * 2 zucchini

If you'd like to learn how and why I meal plan around local foods, you can check out my post on How and Why I Meal Plan (GF and Locavore-ish)

Week of: September 28 – Oct 4
In the Freezer: Spiced Squash Scones (using pumpkin from the market to sub for the squash) Beet Chocolate Muffins, chicken noodle soup & chicken broth (recipes to come), big batches of cooked brown rice, mixed veggies, spinach & peas, fish,  black & kidney beans, blueberries, whole chicken, Homemade Limoncello
In the Fridge: Grandma’s Pickles,  homemade yogurt, beets, kale, mixed greens, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, eggs, apples, grapes, cabbage, salsa, pumpkin
In the Cupboard: local honey (5lbs!), lentils, beans, chickpeas, GF flours, rice vermicelli, rice noodles, canned fruit, Organic local corn meal
Breakfasts: Spiced Squash Scones, homemade yogurt with farmers market local honey, Farmers Market Omelette
DH is making emu stew with parsnips and carrots
Asian Stir Fry with broccoli, carrots, and green beans
Leftover Swiss Chard stems will become Swiss Chard Stem Soup
Thai Noodle Salad with shrimp, cabbage and carrots (recipe in my upcoming book)
A quick, GF veggie pasta (recipe in my upcoming book)
Brown rice with sweet & sour lentils and steamed vegetables
What’s Cookin’ Sunday: Pumpkin Pie + Middle Eastern Rice and Lentils to take to a Thanksgiving potluck, GF flatbread (recipe in my upcoming book)

Thai Noodle Salad for dinner

What are you eating this week?

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