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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Waste Not Want Not Wednesday - night off

Hi folks,

Sorry to be a flake tonight, but I've got a migraine in the works and my fingers are tingling as I write this (one of the oh-so-pleasant warning signs of a doozy coming on). So unfortunately I'm going to have to flake out on tonight's party.

Please accept my apologies. I really ought to plan ahead and set these things on a schedule, but unfortunately I'm not nearly as organized as I'd like to be!!

Party on, good friends and see you soon.


  1. Sorry to read this! Hope you feel better!

  2. As someone who also suffers from migraines, I totally understand! Hope you get over it quickly!

  3. Thanks, everyone! I suspect the wretched weather that's been keeping me inside so much has contributed to recent migraines. I can't wait for the warmth and sun so I can go strolling outside again!


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