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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Eating gluten free in Winnipeg, Manitoba at Maxime's Restaurant and Lounge

As some of you already know, last month the hubster and I drove a uhaul with most of our belongings all the way from Wisconsin, across Canada, and through to the West Coast of British Columbia. I'm still unpacking, but wanted to share a couple of restaurant reviews from our trip before I forget about them. (My apologies for any typos. I'm posting from my cell phone and spell check likes to play around with my words!)

So let's start in my hometown, the place of my birth, Friendly Winnipeg! (FYI for those of you non-Canadians, Manitobans are known for being friendly. It even says so on their license plates) And friendly it is indeed when the waitress actually offers you a 6 page gluten free menu as you walk in the door of a restaurant. In all my years nobody has ever just offered me a gf menu before without me having to ask for it. clearly This place is smart enough to know how to appeal to those of us with gluten issues!

  So here's a shout out to that awesome Manitoban waitress and Maxime's Restaurant and Lounge in Winnipeg.

I've added a photo here of just the first page of their gf menu to give you a sense of what you can find at Maxime's, but their website has the whole thing. It looks amazing!!! There are several different rooms to sit in as well, the lounge, or the restaurant (which appeared to be two separate rooms). We arrived around brunch time and sat in the lounge. Granted, theirbreakfast/ lunch menu is cheaper than dinner (it is, after all, a classy joint). But I felt like my seafood omelet (shown above) was a fantastic deal.

That said, they also have daily specials (like drinks!) and something akin to happy hour (and I love me a good happy hour). So if you intend to go, I recommend checking out their website to see what's on special that day.

I would definitely recommend Maxime's. The ambiance was great, my omelet and hubby's food was great, the service was awesome, and it's easy to find being right on St. Mary's Road in southern Winnipeg on the outskirts of St. Vital (I think that 'hood is St. Vital? Manitobans correct me if I'm wrong)

 Also. if you happen to be passing through Winnipeg and need a place to stay, I've camped out at both the Place Louis Riel in downtown Winnipeg and the Econo Lodge South Winnipeg on St. Mary's in St. Vital and found both to be excellent value with very nice rooms. The Econo Lodge is above a bar, which is a little noisy, but the room was really cute, had a mini fridge and microwave, and the free breakfast was actually fairly decent. Granted, I brought my own GF bread, but they had yogurt and fruit, which was nice, and hubby enjoyed the fresh waffles.

Place Louis Riel does not have free breakfast, but you do get a discount at their restaurant, and most rooms are equipped with kitchens, so I usually do my own cooking there. Sadly, though, it seems that sometime next year, I believe, they will be converting their suites into apartments and will no longer operate as a hotel. Can't say I blame them. Those suites are larger than my apartment right now and nicer to boot! I'd love one of those kitchens!!

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  1. Yes Moving from one place to other is not easy. I know that did cross country moving one time. Hope you finished unpacking. Very nice to know a gluten free restaurant that serving very nice food. thanks sharing with Hearth and Soul blog hop.

    1. Despite having moved around a lot over the years, it never really gets easier! Thanks for stopping by, Swathi :)


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