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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Gluten Free Dim Sum (with vegan options)

Every now and then I get a major craving for dim sum. It's actually really depressing, since Vancouver, BC, has some of the very best dim sum restaurants outside of Asia, and they're everywhere. And once upon a time, back before I found out I was gluten intolerant, I'd go for dim sum at least once a month - sometimes more, depending on my proximity to a restaurant!

That's why when I put together my cookbook Recipes for Unusual Gluten Free Pasta it was very important for me to include some dim sum recipes. I really wanted to try and recreate the things I could no longer have.

And thank goodness I was successful! Dim sum can sometimes be a bit time-consuming to make if you're making more than one or two dishes, but with a little preparation, you can easily make a feast!

The other week I did just that. Here are all the dishes I made...

Please note that all the recipes for these dishes come from my book  Recipes for Unusual Gluten Free Pasta  which, incidentally, would make a fantastic Christmas gift. And If you buy a print copy through Amazon, you can also get the kindle copy at a reduced rate, so there's every good reason to get one for a friend and one for yourself, too ;)

Almost all of the recipes have vegetarian / vegan options, and all the ones pictured below are either totally vegan, or can be slightly altered to be that way.

Ok, on to what I made! The night before I made vegetarian gluten free won tons, and then popped them into some broth the next day to make won ton soup. It's best to put the won tons into the soup shortly before serving so that they don't break apart (otherwise you will get Deconstructed Won Ton Soup, as my girlfriend Lisa put it)

The night before I also made steamed these gluten free steamed rice noodles, which are easily heated in the microwave before serving to soften them. 

 The morning of, cooked up some red bean paste, and made Gluten Free Steamed Bao Buns

Those three dishes, plus a healthy side of steamed suoy choy, were plenty for a couple of ladies for a delicious dim sum. 

There are other options in my book also, like these Gluten Free Glutinous Rice Balls, which are totally not glutenized - they're called that because of the glutinous texture of the sweet rice flour used to make them.

If you're short on time and just want a quick Asian breakfast, you could also make this super easy Gluten Free Chinese Breakfast Soup.  

So there you have it! A fantastic gluten free dim sum feast!! You can get all that and more in my book  Recipes for Unusual Gluten Free Pasta a 5* reviewed book and definitely the most fun I've ever had making a cookbook!

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