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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The largest bunch of kale ever

I just had to share this.  I'm pretty sure this is the world's largest bunch of kale.  Ever.

It's so huge I had to wrap it in a large sized biodegradable garbage bag to store in my fridge. 

I'm so excited to be back in Madison, WI after a hiatus back home in Vancouver, BC because I am completely in love with the Dane County Farmers Market.  The Dane County Farmers Market in Madison is the largest farmers market in North America, running on Saturday and Wednesday. The Saturday market is so huge it spans over 4 city blocks - literally, it is on both sides of the street all around the capital building. 

I also love that it inspires me to try something new every time I go.  Last Saturday I picked up some baby patty pan squash that I will be experimenting with (and hopefully sharing)  this week.  Today, I swung by the Wednesday market to replenish my supply of greens.  Hubby and I probably go through a couple of pounds worth of greens every week, between the green juice we drink every day and things like sauteed collard greens.  I'm also in the process of doing a little bit of a cleanse, since I really let my diet go to pot what with wedding preparations and eating my way through the Maritimes on our honeymoon (see my last post on GF eating in PEI!)

So I happened across a stand today that happened to have the largest bunches of kale I have ever seen in my life!  Since kale is sooo good for you, like the superfood of greens, I picked up two bunches and popped them in the basket of my bike.  I have several ideas lined up for this kale, mostly stuff that doesn't require much time in the kitchen because it is seriously hot here right now.  With the humidity today it felt like 38C (that's like over 100F for my American friends :), so I'm staying away from the oven!! 

- More green juice
- steamed kale to lay on a slice of bread with a poached egg for breakfast
- massaged and marinated kale salad
- sauteed kale with an Asian chilled rice noodle salad

Since I have so much kale, I'd love to hear how you like to use it!  Do you like it raw or steamed and sauteed? Boiled or baked?  Please help me with your ideas as I want to make sure none of this goes to waste :)

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