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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Waste Not Want Not Wednesday #12

Waste Not Want Not Wednesday #12 

The Waste Not Want Not Wednesday link-up party is inspired by World Food Day (Oct. 16), and recent articles such as this one that show between 40-51% of food in Canada and America ends up in the garbage.  Over-consumption, lack of knowledge, low cost and over purchasing are common causes of food waste in North America.

This unsustainable over-consumption extends to so many aspects of our lives.  So perhaps if we all share our tips for consuming a little less stuff in general, cooking more responsibly and frugally, and living eco-friendly, we can each take a small part in making our world a little more sustainable.

And besides, who couldn't save a little bit of money anyway? 

The three top viewed posts from last week were:





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So what kinds of posts are allowed?

1)  Recipes!  But only gluten free, healthy ones please.  This means different things for different people, but please, no recipes with pre-made boxed flour mixes or mass amounts of white or brown sugar (the less sugar the better please!).

2) Articles about food, sustainability, living healthy and frugal, being green and things in keeping with this. 

3)  DIY tutorials for using up odds and ends around the house in a frugal fashion.

* Share up to 3 posts per week.  

What are the rules?

1) Post a link on your blog post to back here, or copy and paste the code from the box under the Waste Not Want Not Button on the side bar into the HTML of your post.  Simple linky etiquette, but also so people can find these tips and recipes.

2) Leave a comment and introduce yourself.  What's your blog and/or your post about?  Is your recipe GF, EF, NF, DF, SF, V (i.e. gluten free, egg free, nut free, dairy free, sugar free, Vegan) Let me and the other readers get to know you :)

3) Consider telling people you shared here on FB, Twitter or elsewhere and spread the love around, so more people can find this link-up.

4) Don't have a blog? No worries! Share your tips or recipes in the comments section.

5) Visit some of the other posts here, comment on their scrumptiousness/brilliancy/helpfulness/frugality and let them know you found them here and hope for a similar visit.  
6) Follow the Poor and Gluten Free blog on Google+, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter to stay up to date on happenings here (ok, not a rule, just a little shameless self-promotion).

Each week I'll post the entries on my Waste Not Want Not Pinterest board, and feature different posts on my  Facebook and Google+ pages so be sure to check in there, too to see if you've been featured!


  1. Thanks for spotlighting out 11 Ways to naturally Flavor Popcorn post! This week, I shared a post on how to make easy swaps when transitioning to real food! Thanks for hosting and have a blessed week!

  2. Happy New Year Danielle! I've shared a Sweet Potato Cookie-Blondie recipe- totally yummy and healthy! Thanks for hosting!

    1. Yum, I'm always looking for ways to slip veggies into baked goods ;p

  3. Hi thanks for hosting. I shared my Cast Iron Frying Pan Bread recipe. Enjoy!
    Fresh Eggs Daily

    1. Thanks for sharing, Lisa! I'm looking forward to checking it out!

  4. Hi Danielle!

    I've linked up my new favorite "bread stick," made with cauliflower! Thanks for hosting!


  5. Thanks again for hosting! - this is my second time linking up - this recipe is much more healthy than my gluten free brownies from last week.

  6. Thanks so much for hosting this blog party...have a great week!

  7. Thanks for hosting again! I'm sharing an old post about the many uses and sources of scrap paper. It saves me so much money!

  8. Thanks for an inspirational and fun party!

    hugs x

  9. Thanks for hosting! I shared a little festive looking salad. Have a great week!


  10. Thanks so much for hosting. I'm sharing how we recently cut our high speed internet service by more than 50% simply by making a phone call.

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

  11. Thanks so much for coming by and joining my blog hop, Get Real Frugal Friday! I will certainly be joining your blog hop this coming Wednesday, thanks for letting me know about it!



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