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Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Gluten Free, Locavore-ish Weekly Meal Plan, and What's Cookin' Sunday?

I've just gotten back from my weekly trip to the Farmers Market and have done up our Gluten Free, Locavore-ish Meal Plan for the week!  Like last week, this week's meal plan is pretty simple since I'm really focusing on finishing up the Oral Allergy Syndrome Cookbook and getting it all ready to go for printing.

I'm also really excited because this week I'll be experimenting with making Hot Cross Buns for National Hot Cross Buns Day. Gotta love these bizarre food holidays, right? So stay tuned for that.

Please check out last week's post on How and Why I Meal Plan {Gluten Free & Locavore-ish} if you're interested in the benefits of meal planning. I break down why meal planning helps save money and your sanity!

Homemade Fruit Leather is in the cupboard, ready for snacking
Without further ado, here's what I'm cooking this week!

(Yes, yes I finally made myself a chart so it looks a little prettier and more organized...)

Week of August 31 – September 6
In the Freezer: Beet Chocolate Muffins, frzn veggies, frzn peas, frozen blueberries, Flax Meal Sandwich Bread,  frozen chicken thighs, frzn black beans, kidney beans
In the Fridge: Kale, Swiss chard, apples, cilantro, dill, Grandma’s Dill Pickles, GMO-free corn, carrots, fingerling potatoes, tomatoes, mixed lettuce, watercress, cheese, eggs, miso, milk, zucchini, cucumber, cabbage
In the Cupboard: raisins, lentils, green peas, yellow peas, rice vermicelli, GF pasta, brown rice, white rice, organic cornmeal, GF flours, rice cakes, homemade fruit leather
Hubby experimenting with stew : )
GF, Soy- Free Stir Fry and Miso Soup (then off to enjoy the Labor Day Parade and fireworks!)
Zucchini Lasagna
Quick pasta (then off to my writing group)
Steamed Kale with Sweet Tamari Dressing, and roasted fingerlings and carrots (then out to a free movie on campus)
What’s Cookin’ Sunday: Homemade Seed Butter,  Homemade Yogurt,  Hot Cross Buns (recipe to come for National Hot Cross Buns Day!) ,  GF Herb Rolls

Do you meal plan? What are you cooking this week?

Steamed Kale with Sweet Tamari Dressing

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  1. It's been very humid this weekend, in Vegas. Yuck. I'm just going to stay in, watch some QVC and catch up on housework.
    Everything sounds so delicious.
    I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

    1. It's been horribly humid in Wisconsin, too! Today was finally a bit cooler and I didn't quite feel like melting when I stepped outside ;) Happy shopping and thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I finally got around to making one since I decided to post my meal plans on the blog. Before they were, well... kinda messy ;)

  3. I wasn't sure about the steamed kale until I saw the picture. That will be on my table sometime soon.

    The GF Veg Potpie sounds interesting too.

    1. Steamed kale makes for great salads! I find it too much work to chew raw (unless you marinate/rub it), but it's so nutritious I want to eat it all the time :) And the potpie is one of my new favorites.


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