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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gluten Free Bread and Baked Goods

Sprouted Lentil Bread / GF Ezekiel Bread

In an effort to clean up and organize the Poor and Gluten Free recipe page, I've decided to put all my bread and baked recipes on one page.  Whether you're looking for Gluten Free Pizza Crust or something like Chocolate Carrot Scones, there's a little something for everyone. All of the recipes here are wheat and gluten free.  Most are also vegetarian, free of eggs, soy, nuts, sugar and with dairy free alternatives. 

I have tried, whenever possible and to the best of my ability, to include information on Oral Allergy Syndrome related ingredients.  However, it's always a good idea to check with your doctor before trying something you might be allergic to.

Updated October 17, 2013

GF Hot Cross Buns

Apple Pie (Free of gluten, nuts, eggs, soy, with sugar and dairy free options)
Beet Bread 
  Blue Cornmeal Salsa Bread  
Boxty (Irish Potato Pancakes) 
  Norwegian Potato Lefse (a wrap-type thing)  

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  1. I was diagnosed with OAS last year as well as coeliac diease . I live in Northern Scotland UK and I am the first adult diagnosed here with it. I have just got your book and am so glad to have something to work with. I also have severe reactions to flaxseed ,gluten free oats and anything with any chemical processing so can't use any kind of supplements.I can seem to take goats products but not cows [ I react to any dairy alternatives]. I was interested to see that buckwheat could be a problem as I have been using it as one alternative flour. I do still feel tingly and sick quite often so I will cut it out. What is it related to that causes problems? I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone as I've spent the last couple of years being told it was stress, imagination and that I was a time waster despite having being treated for anaphalactic reactions on several occasions[I've had two respiratory arrests and lost 5 stone in weight in a year.My dietician and I are on a steep learning curve but I am finally getting better. The thing I find most difficult is going away , think I,ll need to get a caravan so I do my own cooking! Catriona

    1. Hi Catriona, that's amazing that you were the first adult diagnosed with OAS there! I guess that's something to be excited about ;) (Bad humour, I know, but when you have OAS you have to take your fun where you can get it) Buckwheat is related to birch pollen, so it's quite possible you could be reacting to it. I get tingly and uncomfortable after eating it, especially buckwheat groats.

      How horrible to be told it's all in your head after having anaphylaxis! As if it were possible to fake that! And yes, I've joked with other OAS'ers that there should be some kind of OAS commune where we can all go and eat safely, so a caravan is a great idea ;)

      I hope you find some helpful info here and in my book!


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