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Saturday, October 19, 2013

MY GF, Locavore-ish Weekly Meal Plan & 'What's Cookin' Sunday?'

Today I am exhausted. Yesterday was my birthday and it was such a great day I was too excited to sleep!

But that didn’t stop us from getting up early and hitting up the farmers market, and there’s no time to sleep since I’m having my writing group over tonight for a social, so I’ll be cleaning and making snacks all day.

Organic Cornmeal Salsa Bread

Yesterday I had a wonderful day – my husband made it all about me and told me we could do whatever I wanted. So we poked around at the second-hand store, St. Vincent’s de Paul, where I bought 4 pairs of jeans for $25 (more on that later), and we picked up a small desk for my husband to house his ever growing stack of papers and books. On the way home we went shopping at the Willy Street Co-op and I stocked up on local, organic bulk stuff like popcorn, cornmeal, spices and lentils. Then we went out for happy hour oysters and drinks at Sardine’s, one of my favorite happy hour spots in Madison, WI. 

Steamed Squash Salad with Kale

But I didn’t sleep well last night. I was super excited because the review copy of my OAS cookbook was sitting on my doorstep when we got home last night, so of course I was busy flipping through it all night! I gotta say, it looks pretty awesome, and I can’t wait for you guys to see it!!

Clearly fall has arrived, as this week root veggies, squashes and potatoes appeared en masse at the market today. This week I’m planning around the following farmers market finds:

* 2 bunches of organic kale                 * 1 bunch beets (with tops)
* ½ lb spray-free mixed greens           * 1 bunch turnips (with tops)
* 1 lb organic carrots                           * 1 head broccoli                                
* 2 small cucumbers                            * 1 bunch parsnips
* 3 sweet potatoes                                * Delicata squash
* 1 fennel bulb

Week of: October 19 - 25
In the Freezer: Bread maker pumpernickel bread, cooked brown rice, cooked black beans, Chicken noodle soup, peas & veggies, Beet Chocolate Muffins
In the Fridge: Grandma’s Pickles,  homemade Greek yogurt, beets, kale, mixed greens, cucumber, carrots, broccoli, eggs, apples, grapes, cabbage, cheese
In the Cupboard: organic cornmeal, organic popcorn, organic lentils, chickpeas, black beans, dried peas, GF flours, local honey (5lbs), rice vermicelli, rice noodles, canned fruit
Easy Asian Stir Fry (because it’s quick and I’m doing too much cleaning and cooking already!)
Hubby is making a root veggie stew
Veggie Wraps with Cabbage and Carrots (then off to salsa and bachata class)
I’ll be experimenting with making GF sweet potato ravioli
Steamed squash salad with kale (using my delicate squash instead of butternut)
Steamed veggies with frozen brown rice
Some kind of stir fry with veggie odds and ends from the fridge
Snacks: homemade yogurt with farmers market local honey,
What’s Cookin’ Sunday: Organic Cornmeal Salsa Bread, baking sweet potatoes and squash, Hot Cross Buns

 Oh, and we'll be finishing up some Gluten Free Chocolate Beer Cake I made earlier this week. No photos, unfortunately, but I will certainly make it again soon and post a recipe. It turned out awesome, and I totally healthified it!!

What are YOU eating this week?


  1. I do so like your page. It goes to prove that it does not cost a heck of a lot to eat for a week, gluten-free. Since I garden quite a bit, I do have frozen veg on hand, so I do not have to run to the farmers market every Friday, but it is nice to see what they have that is fresh.
    Hope you have a great day, and belated "Happy Birthday~!"

    1. Hi Kat, thanks so much! And you're right, it really doesn't need to cost too much extra to be gluten free. If I had a garden or a deck to grow things on it would be even cheaper, as it is, I'm growing some mini sweet peppers on my coffee table ;)

  2. Love the organization here. Hmm, what are we eating this week. I have not done a menu yet but tonight we had 2 turkey legs for 7 people with mashed potatoes, roasted cauliflower and broccoli, and salad.
    Not sure what is for dinner tomorrow. guess I had better make a plan soon.
    Thanks for posting at Healing With Fodo Friday.

    1. Love that you stretched 2 turkey legs for 7 people! I've been a bit lazy this weekend and haven't made my meal plan, either. Thanks for reminding me I should get on it ;)


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