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Monday, September 29, 2014

My Ancient Egyptian Romance novel is available NOW!!!

So I didn't post anything this weekend. Aside from my atrocious inability to put together a blogging schedule, I have a couple of very good reasons. 

First off, I was presenting at a fabulous dance conference, The Safar Conference for Middle Eastern Dance. It was an amazing event in Vancouver, BC, hosted by some beautiful Middle Eastern dancers (two of whom happened to be bridesmaids at my wedding ;) ), and my lecture was entitled Spies and Scandals: The Problems with Studying Belly Dance History. It was a rather scandalous lecture focused on the WWII spy belly dancer, Hikmat Fahmy.

So this brings me to the other reason I didn't post this weekend. I was rushing to get my latest book (and my first novel), In the Court of Kemet, ready for publication. If you've read my About Me page, you'll know that I have a Masters degree with a focus on Egyptian history. This past year, aside from publishing two cookbooks, I've put my research skills to use and have written a historical romance based on the life of Egypt's first female ruler. 

Read on for the deets, people!! It's a super fun romance novel steeped in historical details and intrigue... 

 This book was an absolute joy for me to write. I had such a great time researching historical details, from food to hairstyles to the style of an ancient stronghold and warship.

While the only food related details in the book pertain to lavish descriptions of banquets and the fare of the common people, I hope you'll check it out anyway because I'm so very thrilled about this book!! 

In the Court of Kemet is available NOW for Kindle (you can download the Kindle app for FREE for your PC or other devices), and print copies will be available October 4th. 

Here's the info from the back cover. 

Egypt, 2975 BCE
One hundred years ago Queen Merneith’s great grandfather united the two lands of Egypt (Kemet) under one ruler. Now Merneith finds herself struggling to maintain peace and prevent her husband, the ego-maniacal pharaoh Wadj, from causing an uprising in his attempts to become a living god. When her life is threatened, her only hope may be the newly appointed Captain of the Royal Guard, a man with a mysterious past…  
  Bey, a recent arrival to the court of Kemet, finds himself drawn to the forbidden queen he is commissioned to protect. But the headstrong woman seems determined to make his life difficult, that is until circumstances leave her no choice but to accept his aide…
  Rich in historic detail and intrigue, In the Court of Kemet is inspired by the tale of Queen Merneith, the first female ruler of Ancient Egypt. Follow her rise to power from the lavish palace of the ancient capital of Thinis and along the dangerous banks of the River Nile.
 So there you have it! If you're curious, there's a good long sample of the book here on Amazon  to (hopefully!) hook your interest, so take a look :)

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