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Friday, November 28, 2014

Easy and Free Crochet Baby Set Patterns

This is one of my rare DIY posts, and one of my even rarer crochet projects. I have to share it, because these little crochet baby cardigan sets are the most absolutely adorable things I have ever made, or seen. I also have to share it because there's a little something I haven't told you all yet... sometime very soon, probably in the next two weeks, I'm going to be an auntie!!

So read on and I'll tell you (and show you) more about these free crochet patterns and my new little niece.

So really quick I'll tell you that my sister is due to give birth to a little baby girl in the next couple of weeks. Since she's my only sibling and neither of us have kids yet, this is pretty exciting for everyone. My husband has already said that, as an uncle, it is his duty to teach his niece how to defend herself (my husband studies hepkido and is coming up to his blue belt), and how to play chess.

So to prepare for that, I pulled out my crochet hooks. I used to crochet a ton when I was younger, but in the last few years I've been too busy. This was a great excuse to spend a few relaxing nights watching a movie or two and clacking away.

I searched online and found some fantastic free crochet patterns for cardigans, Mary-jane booties, baby uggs, and baby hats. I'm sharing the photos of my finished projects here, along with the links to the wonderful free patterns that others have kindly posted for use.

The above white cardigan was created using the free crochet cardigan pattern found on SandiAngels . It's a very sweet, simple, quick pattern to work up. I found the background of the website to be extremely distracting, however, and so I simply highlighted the text, copied it, and pasted it into a Word doc, then printed it out. The website also notes that they collect baby clothes for charity (I'm not sure if this is still happening, but it's definitely worth looking in to if you are crocheting just for the sake of keeping busy).

The free crochet Mary-Jane pattern above is here , and was created by Whistle and Ivy.  The yarn I used to make this was one ball of Bernat Baby Coordinates in white. It's super soft, has a little sparkle to it, and I only needed 1/2 ball to make the cardigan and booties.  I bought the little pink buttons at the dollar store.

This sweet little infant crochet hoodie pattern is here from Crochet-Patterns-Free. I recommend reading the comments section on this post before starting, then referring back to it, as there's some helpful clarification from the blog's author, along with some comments from people who've made the sweater.

To make this baby hoodie I used a ball of Bernat Super Value Ombre Yarn like the one in the link. I can't recall exactly what the name of the ombre pattern was, but it was something like Adobe, or Espresso, or Cappuccino or something like that! I used most of one ball for the hoodie and little flower for the hat.

The crochet baby hat with flower is also from Crochet-Pattern-Free, and here's the link to the free crochet pattern.

The free crochet pattern for the baby uggs booties is from Ashlee Marie and has great step-by-step directions.

I used one ball of Bernat Super Value Yarn in Chocolate to make the hat and uggs. I had quite a lot of yarn leftover!

So there you have it, that's what I've been working on lately. I think these little sets are absolutely adorable, and it will be great when my little niece arrives so I can actually use her to measure my next set of crochet outfits on a real live baby! I'm working on a little buttery yellow shell set for her for the sprint, but it's so hard to gauge sizes when there's no baby to try things on.

Do you crochet? I'd love to see links to your favorite baby crochet patterns or pics! 

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    1. Me too! It works up so much faster than knitting, and is much more forgiving when you make a mistake ;)

  2. Me too for me its not as worrisome as holding two neddles and most of the time the patterns I like are in crochet (maybe I'm just LOOKING for crochet patterns) lol

    1. I definitely look for crochet patterns! I like to watch tv at night and crochet and if I'm not paying attention I'll drop a stitch. With knitting that's almost like instant death of the piece ;)


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