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Saturday, November 8, 2014

My GF Weekly Meal Plan

I don't have much to report this week, except that I'm working like mad on the formatting of my next cookbook, Cooking and Baking with Gluten Free Beer. I've been putting together the recipes for months, and now it's time to finally put it all together in print and eBook version.

Coming up with recipes and testing them is the fun part of writing cookbooks. The formatting and writing out all the instructions is the not-so-fun part. 

If, however, you're inclined to check out my formatting skills, you can take a look at my last cookbook, Recipes for Unusual Gluten Free Pasta, where I finally managed to format a book without tearing out my hair and having nightmares of misplaced tables and shifting page number alignment... ;)

Now that I've shamelessly plugged my cookbook, let's move on to this week's meal plan...

Week of: Nov 8, 2014
Dinner at the in-laws
Out to the pub (as a treat to my husband for presenting academic papers at two separate conferences in one weekend!)
Experimenting with mussels steamed in beer with roasted potatoes on the side
Easy Stir Fry (with added organic tofu and cashews for protein)
Turkey Soup (made the same way as my Chicken Noodle Soup)

What are YOU cooking this week?

Have you checked out my gluten free pasta book  Recipes for Unusual Gluten Free Pasta: Pierogis, Dumplings, Desserts and More! ? Get yourself a copy and start making GF won tons, pierogis, dumplings, and orzo today :)

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