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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Going to Europe this week!! Regular programming will continue...

So I'm just posting a quick note to let you all know that I'm heading off to Europe for a month this Tuesday.

Madness? Yes. Yes it is. But despite what it might sound like here, it wasn't last minute. My husband and I have been planning an epic Europe trip for some time. We'll be hitting up three major cities in Greece, Rome, Milan, Paris, and Edinburgh, by train, plane, and car.

But don't worry, for once I've planned ahead and things will pretty much continue on here as usual.

Waste Not Want Not Wednesday has all be pre-scheduled, so please do continue to stop by to find and share your recipes and posts.

I've even pre-scheduled a couple of recipes so you won't be missing out (check in on Fridays to see my Peasto Dip and Chickpea Flour Bread over the next couple of weeks).

I will also try to share some pics and posts along the way, both here and on Facebook and Google+.

I'm even crazy enough to try and spend a month in Europe in the spring with nothing but carry-on luggage. 

Yep. I'm that crazy. Wish me luck. It will be epic and it will be crazy. When I come back I will tell you about it. 

I'll see you all back here at the end of March. In the meantime, have a fabulous spring everyone!


  1. So excited to hear all about it! I love the time I've spent in Europe and can't wait to go back. Been a little more hesitant with celiac but heard good things about most of Europe (except France, predictably).
    -Amanda Y.

    1. I've been to Greece and Italy in the past few years and found them to be very accommodating. When booking hotels, I put in a note that I can't have gluten, and they been really great with providing GF breakfast options (in Italy, some hotels even put out a basket marked GF with biscuits and crackers without having to be asked, it's part of the buffet!). Restaurants are pretty good about providing rice and veggies instead of bread, and I even found a couple restaurants in Greece that carry GF bread for sandwiches! But yeah, I'm nervous about France and Scotland. I *think* I can live off of cheese and wine alone for a few days if necessary ;)


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