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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Waste Not Want Not Wednesday - June 24, 2015


Welcome to the Waste Not Want Not Wednesday link party! WNWNW is a place to find (and link up) gluten free recipes, eco-friendly tips, and frugal DIY tutorials. This link-up party is inspired by World Food Day (Oct. 16), and studies such as this one that show that between 40-51% of food in Canada and America ends up in the garbage.  Over-consumption, lack of knowledge, low cost and over purchasing are common causes of food waste in North America. This unsustainable over-consumption extends to so many aspects of our lives.

So perhaps if we all share our tips for consuming a little less stuff in general, cooking more responsibly and frugally, and living eco-friendly, we can each take a small part in making our world a little more sustainable.

And besides, who couldn't save a little bit of $$$?

WNWNW is hosted by myself, Danielle, and Elise from Frugal Farm Wife. When you share a link on this site, your submission will appear both here and on Frugal Farm Wife. Follow both of us to see if we highlight your link on our social media during the week. We also have a Waste Not Want Not Wednesday Pinterest board where we share WNWNW posts.

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I'm back from another month on the road and should be stationary for at least a couple of months now! 
So this week's features are: 

DIY Ranch Dressing - Grain & Dairy Free from Frugal in Florida
Paleo Biscuits from Sandi's Allergy Free

Meatless Monday: Spicy Tomato Okra Lentil Soup
from Urban Naturale


1) Link to your blog post, NOT your blog’s home page.
2) All recipes must be gluten free and consist of mostly unprocessed ingredients.
3) Other posts, such as frugal tips, DIY or crafty tutorials, or eco-friendly related posts are welcome.
4) Please provide a link back to either this blog post, or the one on Frugal Farm Wife, somewhere in the body of your post. We will NOT highlight recipes and posts that do not provide a link back, and those without a link back may be respectfully removed.
5) Don't have a blog? No worries! Share your tips or recipes in the comments section.

Please note that by linking to Waste Not Want Not Wednesday, you acknowledge and allow Poor and Gluten Free and Frugal Farm Wife to use your post photos on future WNWNW parties and on our social media platforms (such as Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter). You will also automatically receive future email notifications for the Waste Not Want Not party only, which you can easily opt out of at any time. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose.  

This week I'm sharing 16 Tips for Traveling Gluten Free on a Budget and my Gluten Free Weekly Meal Plan


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  1. It's a pleasure to party with you at your Waste Not Want No Wednesday Party! So many great posts, tips and ideas to explore. Thank you so much for featuring my Tomato Okra Lentil Soup. I sincerely appreciate the support and recognition. All the best, Deborah


  2. Thanks for featuring my Paleo Biscuits Danielle! When I was camping I brought these delicious Apple Pancakes with me. I hope you had a great time away as well!

    1. Thanks, Sandi! It was good to be back in our semi-adopted hometown in Wisconsin ;)


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