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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Cover Reveal for In the Temple of Mehyt!

Woot woot! It's here! The cover, that is. In the Temple of Mehyt is the second book in my Ancient Egyptian Romances series, and is due out THIS MONTH! And guess what? It's a murder-mystery romance, so there's plenty of intrigue and excitement to keep you powering through it.

Stay tuned for the release date (coming soon) but I'm thrilled to announce that yes, it is finally going to be released.

Here's a little overview: 

The tranquility of the Temple of Mehyt is shattered when the high priest and priestess are found murdered. The queen calls upon Satsobek, the unruly daughter of an Egyptian nobleman, and Ebrium, a foreign former pirate, to investigate. Their partnership is complicated by the fact that Ebrium once saved Satsobek’s life, yet the two have shunned one another ever since.

Follow Ebrium and Satsobek from the secret recesses of the temple to the seedy taverns of Thinis as they uncover a series of intrigues, and a power struggle that threatens the tenuous peace of Kemet.

In the Temple of Mehyt will be available in eBook and print format from most major retailers, so get your shekels ready!

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