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Sunday, February 12, 2017

No-Sew Pirate and Ship Quiet Book Page (with tutorial and FREE template!)

Phew! I don't know about you all, but we had Snowmageddon here on the Vancouver West Coast last week. And by snow I mean we had almost two feet dumped on us over a few days, which is a big deal in a city that can go a whole year without a single snowflake!

I didn't even move my car for a whole week, and we lost power for a night. 

And at times like that, you just want to curl up on the couch with a good book - or three...

But I'm back this week to share the second page of the super crafty quiet book I made for my niece (you can see the entire thing in video here).

This page is actually one of the easiest to make because I could make a really simple template, and I used all bits I found at the dollar store, so it was very cheap.



For this Pirate / Ship Quiet Book Page I used: 

2 sheets dark blue felt
1/2 sheet light blue felt
1/4 sheet white felt
1/8 sheet brown foam sheet (felt will work, too. I couldn't get brown felt at my $ store, just foam)

1 package felt pirates from the dollar store (yeah, I bought those pirates just like that for $1.25)
1 package fish stickers

Glue gun + glue sticks
Craft scissors
3 metal grommets (optional, for securing the page to the rest of the book)

and the below template - click to expand, save, and print the jpg

To cut and assemble the page:

Cut out the sail boat and THREE layers of waves. I did this by alternating the height and direction of the waves. See the above pics?  The layer of light blue that covers the bottom of the boat was cut almost 1/2 way up a sheet of felt. The dark blue was cut a little lower, and the bottom layer was cut as it is shown on the template.

For the fish stickers: I pulled them off their backing and stuck them to a piece of paper. Then I cut the paper around the sticker, so that the back of the stickers would not be tacky. So the close up in the pic below of the back of the fish.

Cut ribbon to desired size and glue to the back of each fish.

Gluing the page: 
1) Glue down the two white ship sails. To glue down the bottom of the boat, I glued the bottom first, then the side, pushing them inwards slightly to create a somewhat raised pocket for the pirates to fit in.

2) Glue down the longest, light blue layer of waves over the top of the boat.

3) Glue the bottom ends of the ribbons attached to the fish along the bottom of the first row of waves.

4) Add the second, dark blue layer of waves, gluing only along the sides and bottom to create the fish pocket.

5) Glue the bottom layer of light blue waves over top the dark blue fish pocket.

6) Glue remaining sea stickers as desired (I had a crab and some seaweed I just glued down randomly)

Now tuck in your pirates and you're done! Or you can add grommets like I did to secure the book together. 


See the other pages in my niece's No-Sew Quiet Book so far:

And the whole video walk-through:

Next up is the volcano and dinosaur page! 

In the meantime, have you seen the latest novel in my romance series, Lady of the Caravan? Get it now, and follow the queen's cousin as she braves the dangers of Egypt's great desert to marry a nomadic chieftain. 


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