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Monday, March 13, 2017

No-Sew Dinosaur and Volcano Quiet Book Page (with tutorial and FREE template!)

 Hi all, it's been a bit since I posted one of the pages from my niece's epic, no-sew quiet book, but I finally got around to putting together the template for the dinosaur volcano page. 

Below is the tutorial and free printable in case you'd like to do one yourself. It's a pretty simple page, especially since, like my Pirate and Ship page, I used stickers and felt from the dollar store! 

I confess that this is probably not the prettiest of my pages, I'm not ecstatic about how the volcano looks, but it was one of my very first pages.

For this Volcano / Dinosaur Quiet Book Page I used: 

1 sheet dark blue felt
1/2 sheet brown foam (or felt would work too)
1/4 sheet white felt
1/2 sheet grey felt
1/8 sheet green felt
1/8 sheet red felt
1 package dinosaur stickers from the dollar store

Glue gun + glue sticks
Craft scissors
3 metal grommets (optional, for securing the page to the rest of the book)

and the below template - click to expand, save, and print the jpg

 To cut and assemble the page:

Cut out the two layers of rocks. Cut out the volcano, layer of lava, smoke, and two bushes.

For the dinosaur stickers: I pulled them off their backing and stuck them to a piece of paper. Then I cut the paper around the sticker, so that the back of the stickers would not be tacky. See the close up in the pic below of the back of the dinosaurs.

Cut ribbon to desired size and glue to the back of each dinosaur.

Gluing the page: 

1) Glue down the two stones on the right that fit beneath the longer layer of stones. Glue down those first. Then glue down the longer layer of stones, running the glue along the bottom and two sides, leaving the top open to create a pocket for the dinosaurs.

2) Glue down the bottom ends of the ribbons attached to the dinosaurs beneath the long layer of stones.

3) Glue down the smoke first, then the volcano over top. Glue the lava and bushes over the volcano.

4) Glue any remaining bone and volcano stickers as desired

Now tuck in your dinos and you're done! Or you can add grommets like I did to secure the book together. 

See the other pages in my niece's No-Sew Quiet Book so far:

And the whole video walk-through:

Next up is the shoe tying page! 

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