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Monday, July 29, 2013

Chilled Pear Soup - Photoshoot for the Oral Allergy Syndrome Cookbook

Chilled Pear Soup #1

I'm so thrilled to share these photos for my upcoming Oral Allergy Syndrome cookbook, and not just because I FINALLY got to use my Grandmother's tea cups in a photoshoot (I love these cups!). This Chilled Pear Soup is so refreshing, and works well as an appetizer OR a dessert. But I need your opinion...

Which one of these photos would YOU choose? 

Chilled Pear Soup #2

Chilled Pear Soup #3

Chilled Pear Soup #4

Chilled Pear Soup #5

Chilled Pear Soup #6

Chilled Pear Soup #7

Chilled Pear Soup #8

Chilled Pear Soup #9


  1. I like pics 1, 7, & 9...if that helps!

    1. Thanks, Amber! Those ones seem to be popular with the Facebook fans as well, so that's good to know :)

  2. For me, #2 is the most visually appealing (appearing? LOL).

  3. I really like #9! that tea set is GORGEOUS! I like that you can sea the tea pot in #9. I like #6, too...but I think I can see your reflection in the spoon (not that that's a bad thing, it's just a little distracting from the soup).

    1. Thanks, Anne-Marie! Lol, it's not actually my reflection in #6, but the underside of the umbrella from my mother's patio set, the photos were taken on her deck ;) I noticed the reflection myself after I posted the photos but figured I could edit it out later if needed.

      As for the tea pot - hubby and I were just dating back when my grandmother gave me her cups. He and I went on a little vacation together shortly afterwards and we stopped into an antique shop. Knowing how sentimental I was about the cups, he snuck off in the shop and bought me a teapot that was similar to them. How could I not marry him?!

    2. I love that story! How sweet! The pot's coloring really is so similar to the looks like it's part of the set! I have a thing for tea pots myself! :)


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