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Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Gluten Free Locavore-ish Weekly Meal Plan and What's Cookin' Sunday

My apologies to those of you who visited this post prior to Sept. 2, somehow it ended up as a repeat of the How and Why I Meal Plan post, when I'm pretty sure I had originally posted it as a meal plan!  *Sigh* another Blogger mystery. 

I've edited it to show last week's meal plan instead. So sorry 'bout that. 

We’ve made it our goal to buy as much as we can from the farmers market, and then meal plan around that.  We’re not 100% locavores, but we do our best to be as locavore-ish as possible so our meal plans are based around what we find at the farmers market.

In the freezer: one container chicken noodle soup, chicken thighs, one chicken burger, beet chocolate muffins, 1 pc chocolate cake, black beans, frzn veggies, frzn peas

In the fridge: Kale, purslane, squash leaves (still ok?), zucchini, 4 ears corn, peppers, carrots, mini Thai eggplant, pickles, one patty pan squash, Swiss chard, tomatoes, brown rice, broccoli, cabbage, fingerling potatoes, apples

In the cupboard: chickpeas, white beans, lentils, flours, organic corn tortillas, canned tomatoes, tuna, pears, peaches, sprouts,

Breakfast: Farmers market veggie omelettes, Chocolate carrots scones, chocolate beet muffins

Saturday: Sushi rolls – cucumber, steamed carrot & kale AND miso soup
Sunday: Everything in it pasta 
Monday: Something Asian with Thai eggplant and rice
Tuesday: roasted fingerlings and carrots with steamed broccoli and kale?
Wednesday: Ground meatball pasta (one pot) 
Thursday: Out for happy hour somewher
Friday: Pizza

Do you meal plan? How do you plan ahead? 

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