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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I've Been Neglecting You, Here's Why

 So there it is. I've said it. I've been neglecting you all. You my wonderful readers, my blog, the blogs of the awesome folks who come every week to share on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday, the bathroom sink which needs a good scrub, heck even my kitchen has been woefully lonely of late. I haven't really been hiding under the covers, as my adorable husband was doing in the above photo one morning when he didn't want to get out of bed.

So where have I been? You might wonder. Well, Mexico and coffee shops. Lots of coffee shops. 

I feel like I need to explain myself. Not just to you, so that you know I haven't disappeared, but to myself, because I feel bad about that bathroom sink...

I haven't been posting much over the last couple of weeks and while I did post a few recipes before I went to Mexico two weeks ago, I've seriously been neglecting my social media sites (to those of you who follow on FB, Google+ and Twitter it may appear as if I have dropped off the face of the earth).

There are several minor reasons for this and two MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS that I'm super excited about.

Let's start with the MAJOR news first :)

I'm Finishing Two New Books!!

Yup. That's what the coffee shops are for. I'm finishing up not one, but TWO new books.

The first book is a cookbook dedicated to Unusual Gluten Free Pasta. I've been working on it since well before Christmas, in fact, before my book Living with Oral Allergy Syndrome  came out. It's full of fun and unusual recipes using homemade gluten free pasta dough and GF alternatives for things like ravioli, pierogi, won tons, gnocchi, Turkish piruhi and more.  I'll provide more details on that very soon, trust me!!

The second book is actually a novel, completely non-food related. It's a fictional, historical romance set in Ancient Egypt and based on the life of a real-life queen. It's been so much fun to write and after years of writing for academic purposes while doing my Masters in History it's been wonderful to get back to the creative process that drew me to writing in the first place. Way back when I was in elementary school and wrote my first book about a cat from Mars and a cat from Venus that became friends despite being from different planets and being different colours...

I'm so thrilled that both of these books are finally coming together and will be ready in the next couple of months that I felt it was time to share it with you. I've been writing like a madwoman, and drinking far too much coffee and caffeinated tea. I've been having dreams of wrapping pierogi alongside ancient queens...

I will definitely provide more info on these soon, especially since I'm hoping to get you all involved!!

 Other minor reasons for my neglect include:

Tax Season

Thanks to our visa status in the US, hubby and I had to file both federal AND state taxes for the first time ever in the US. So that's been pretty fun...

To top it off, as Canadians we also still have to file taxes in Canada.

So we're not dealing with one tax filing. We're dealing with FOUR tax filings in TWO different countries. 


I spent a wonderful week with my mom in Cancun. I took photos. I will share them. Soon. Along with a Mexican-inspired recipe or two. I love Mexican food, and I'm not talking about Tex-Mex burritos or quesadillas. I'm talking ceviche, sopos, chilequiles, and so on.

Generally Being Bogged Down in Junk

Ever have one of those months when you just feel like all those stupid little things seem to pile up and you don't have the will to do them but can't keep putting them off? I feel like this is one of those times. I've been travelling back and forth a lot, and will be subjected to more of it soon enough, and in a few months we'll actually have to pack up our stuff to head back to Canada, which is precipitated by a lot of moving prep.

So there it is. I've been wrapped up a whole lot the past couple of months and I apologize if I've been slower to respond to emails, to blog comments, returning visits to other bloggers who are so great about stopping by and commenting, and to everyone who follows me on social media.  I miss visiting other blogs and engaging in conversation and I hope to get back at it soon. 

Thanks for listening and bearing with me!!


  1. Writing two new books that WE will benefit from--your forgiven. :)

  2. Wow! Such adventures! You deserve to take time off!!
    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

    1. Thanks. Isn't that always the way? You take a holiday, get back, and feel like you need another one :(

  3. I am impressed Danielle! And who doesn't love a good pasta?! I am intrigued! Good for you!

    1. Thanks, Tessa! The pasta book has been amazing fun, but since I was making/eating pasta like twice a day for a frantic couple of months I definitely had to up my daily exercise ;)


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