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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Gluten Free Valentine's Day Gingerbread House

Well it's not exactly pretty at the moment, but I do have a gluten free Valentine's Day gingerbread house! You see, back in December, when the hubster and I were decorating our first (and very successful) attempt at a gluten free gingerbread house he had so much fun doing it as a date together he asked me, "We can make gingerbread houses for other times of the year, right? It doesn't just have to be for Christmas, does it?"

My husband and I aren't huge on Valentine's Day, being as how it's such a commercialized thing that just seems to lead to people being disappointed they weren't spoiled the way they wanted to be, and promoting an unequal gender balance in which women expect men to shower them with gifts. Instead, we prefer to spend quality time with each other, and go on a cheap date on a day other than Valentine's Day. 

And so, odd as it may be, this year marks what may be the beginning of a Valentine's Day Gingerbread house date night tradition...

My husband and I are always looking for cheap date night ideas. We like to set aside a couple of nights in the month where we do something fun together. And since he enjoyed decorating the Christmas house so much I thought I'd make another one.

We haven't decorated it yet, and I'll actually be out of town this weekend visiting family, but I wanted to get the house done to show you all in case you wanted to make one too!

I'll post pictures next week when we've actually had a chance to make it pretty, but in the meantime, here's how I made it and what it looks like:

I essentially followed all the directions I wrote out in my post for the DIY Ultimate Gingerbread House Guide, except that I cut little hearts into the front and back, and used heart cookies to decorate the top. 

Like so: 

 And one heart cut-out in the back as well, so you can see right through :)

I intend to use regular icing, tinted pink with a bit of beet juice, to decorate, as well as some hearts and little people. So stay tuned for more pics :)

Do you have cheap date night suggestions?

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day in an unconventional way?

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