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All of the recipes on this site are gluten free. Most are also vegetarian or vegan, free of eggs, soy, nuts, corn, sugar and with dairy free alternatives. 

I have tried, whenever possible and to the best of my ability, to include information on Oral Allergy Syndrome related ingredients.  However, it's always a good idea to check with your doctor before trying something you're allergic to. 

 Gluten Free Breakfasts





Gluten Free Breads & Baked Goods

Norwegian Potato Lefse (a wrap-type thing)  

Appies & Snacks

How to Make Seed and Nut Butters (Making Sunflower seed butter)


Gluten Free Main Dishes & Entrees

Gluten Free Desserts &  Sweet Treats

Apple Pie {and GF pie dough}

Gluten Free Drinks

Making Kombucha:

Fun-Time Drinks

My Meal Planning Resources

Ways to Use Farmers Market Produce:

Being a Winter Locavore:

Articles & Extras


Recipes for Homemade Beauty Products



  1. Can have recipe for gluten free pita bread thanks

    1. Hi Taij, sorry, I don't have a recipe for pita bread! I wish I did, though... :) I'm sure if you google it, though, you'll find a few of them.


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