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Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Food and Pollen Allergy Charts, plus a Food Allergy Diary!

If you haven't been over to the Oral Allergy Syndrome page for awhile you might want to know that there have been a few minor changes, and some new charts! I've added 2 new versions of an Oral Allergy Syndrome Food Chart (1 with both pollens and foods, another with just a list of OAS related foods), and 1 brand new Food Allergy Diary to help determine food allergies.

The charts come with links to downloadable, printable versions that you can print out and use to highlight or fill in, as needed. I'm sharing them here on this announcement, but you can always find them at their more permanent home on the Oral Allergy Syndrome page.

If you are having trouble determining which foods are causing you problems, you might want to try keeping an allergy diary. Keeping track of what you've eaten, what you have been exposed to, and any subsequent symptoms can help you better understand how your body reacts to different foods. Although it's always best to best to see a doctor to determine allergies, a diary can help at least pin down problems that need to be addressed.

For more information on symptoms, you can check out the Oral Allergy Syndrome page. While much of that page applies to hay fever related foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, soy, and wheat, those with meat and milk allergies may experience similar symptoms and can benefit from keeping a diary.


If you have food allergies related to Oral Allergy Syndrome, you can print out one of the below charts and highlight your problem foods to give to friends and family so they can help keep you safe (thus avoiding that awkward anaphylactic shock at the dinner table!) There are two versions here: the 1st one has both pollens and their corresponding related foods, while the second has organized lists of foods in alphabetical order, for easy highlighting. 

How do you let friends and family know about your allergies?

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  1. Thanks for your site. My mother has severe allergies, and eats like 15 foods that look as bad as they taste. Now that Kaiser (don't ever go there) has cut my pain medication to the breaking point, my body is reacting with unbearable migraines and eczema, ulcers, hairloss from the stress of enduring withdrawals and having to eat more.
    Lately, every time I eat I get sick to my stomach. If you know of a real trustworthy company that tests for food alergies and how to deal with them (besides living like my mother) I'd appreciate it.
    Life with depression, PMDD, MIGRAINES, a damaged spine and endometriosis is no joke without having to avoid most foods that look and taste good.
    If i'm allergic to corn, is it the protein or flour that causes the sickness? Is my non-dairy coffee creamer a culprit?
    thank you! I don't know what to do anymore. I'm so tired of living in pain, in bed, and already lost my younger sister due to dr. incompetence. Any info you have is highly appreciated!
    Since Kaiser's last med cut- 66% so far-I have to take 4-5 grams of Aspirin a day to survive the pain. I now itch all over since I can't go to the gym for physical therapy & sauna as it absorbs the meds faster, and I end up in torture: Withdrawal!!! Sincerely, Buah,

    1. Hi 187, so sorry to hear you and your mother are suffering like that.

      I don't know where you live so don't know the best process in your area, but I would suggest asking your doctor for an allergist referral (here in Canada that's how we do it), rather than sending away for an allergy testing kit. A medical professional is generally the best person to administer testing, especially if there's a risk of an adverse reaction. If they're a good doctor, they'll also be familiar with the latest research on allergies and cross-reactions, as well as dietary suggestions.

      Allergies can contribute to inflammation and pain / migraines, so if you think you might be experiencing reactions it's definitely worth getting tested. In the meantime, if you think something might be causing a reaction, try cutting it out (or use the food diary above) to see if it makes a difference.

      I hear you re: pain. I have osteoarthritis, two bulging discs, and a bone spur in my neck. I work out, do yoga, walk, stretch, etc, and try to avoid pain meds when I can. Avoiding the foods I'm allergic to certainly helps.

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