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Friday, October 11, 2013

10 Fun Halloween Themed Baking Accessories

My birthday falls on October 18. When my husband asked what I wanted this year, like any food blogger my mind went immediately to cupcake tins, bundt pans, chocolate molds, wooden spoons and plates, right? 
But then I thought, what about something Halloween-ish? As a kid, I always had a costume party for my birthday, since it was so close to Halloween.  It's been well over a decade since I actually got dressed up for Halloween or had a Halloween/birthday party (I'm totally serious. For years I was too busy with school, work, etc).  However, I'm having some people from my writing group over shortly before Halloween, so I thought I'd check out what kind of Halloween-themed baking accessories might be available.

I came up with some really cool Halloween cupcake, cake, and muffin tins, plus come fun Halloween candy molds.  I love that you can use your basic, healthy muffin, cake, cookie and chocolate recipes in these and do away with the sugar-laden candies so common this time of year.

Here are the top 10 Halloween baking pans, tins and molds I found. 

Human Brain Gelatin Mold   
so gross!
(But perfect for parties and haunted houses)
These could also make great soap molds, for the soap makers out there

To make a haunted house, I'd love to have this castle bundt pan! I love that this could also be used for Christmas in lieu of gingerbread (so much easier than piecing together gingerbread!), birthdays, or any other time a castle is required.

Castle Bundt Pan

This totally edible pumpkin is super cute.

And you MUST see some of the customer photos that go along with these 3D skull cakes! They are awesome, and so creative :)
Nonstick 3D Skull Pan
I think this pretty pumpkin patch pan would be lovely throughout the fall and into the winter. Check out the customer photos for decorating and serving ideas.

Pumpkin Patch Pan

Or a whole pumpkin patch bread loaf?
Pumpkin Patch Loaf Pan

And of course, everyone needs a good set of Halloween cookie cutters:
18-Piece Halloween Cutter Set

 Do you have any Halloween baking planned? I haven't decided what I'm doing yet and I'd love to hear your ideas!

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