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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review of Cändy Meister Candies

Most of you know I'm not a fan of super sweet stuff. I recently railed a bit on my Facebook page and Google+ against the current, rather sickening, trend of wrapping and rolling sweets up in other kinds of sweets. One of the grossest ones I've seen was cookie dough wrapped around marshmallows encased in graham crackers and dipped in chocolate. Another one guaranteed to make your teeth fall out of your head was store-bought peanut butter cups pressed into a tube of cookie dough then covered with a boxed brownie mix. As if one of these isn't enough?!

For this reason, I reject most of the review requests I get, as many of them involve things made with corn syrup, food dyes and other weird things I don't consider to actually be food. 

But the candy I'm reviewing today is not like that, that's why I'm reviewing it. It's not overly sweet, it's gluten and dairy free, vegan all natural with sugar from sugar beets, not corn, and the dyes are all natural (like beets, and you know I love to dye my food with beets).

Cändy Meister's candy is not overly sweet, and the flavours are pretty awesome. 

They're actually good for you because they're flavoured with natural oils, i.e. the fennel is flavoured with fennel oil and peppermint is flavoured with peppermint oil. 

My husband loves the Mulled Wine, when he had a cold last week I gave him the Peppermint ones to soothe his throat, and I'm a big fan of the fennel.

I think a bag or two of these would make wonderful stocking stuffers. 

Here are a few reasons I agreed to try Cändy Meister's candy when I received a request from them. 

1) For the above-mentioned all natural product (I always think this is important to support)

2) The business is based in Canada and run by a German couple who came to Canada and realized people really liked the German candies they'd brought with them. They set up a candy van in downtown Vancouver and sell out of their van and online. As a descendent of German immigrants who struggled on their arrival in Canada, I love that story. (Despite being BC based, you can get their candies online through their website )  Plus, my mother and grandmother always had little tins of German candies around the house, and so I get a little nostalgic about them.

3) The email I received was very polite and considerate (shout out here to their marketer, Vincent Ng). I know this might sound like a strange reason to anyone who doesn't have a food blog, but after awhile you start to resent the multiple daily generic emails addressed to "Dear MS. Food Blogger" (despite the fact that my name is right under my picture on every page of my blog)  touting products that are not at all in line with the values of your blog (which are clearly outlined in my Sponsor & PR Welcome Page). Most recently, I received an email that said only "Dear Ms., Where do we send products for review?"  Uhm...

So that leads us to my disclaimer: While I may periodically receive products for review, as I did with these Candy Meister candies, I want my readers to know that I only accept products in line with the values of Poor and Gluten Free, and accepting a product for review is no guarantee of a positive review! 

I hope you give these a try, and if you're in the Vancouver area, look for the Candy Meister truck!

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