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Sunday, April 20, 2014

My GF Weekly Meal Plan

Happy Easter! I hope everyone is enjoying themselves today with family and friends.

I've fallen off the meal planning bandwagon a bit. As always, this leads to confusion, last minute meals made in haste, and tired trips to the pub. So I'm trying to take up the meal planning trident once again and be more regular about it.

And on that note, let the meal planning begin!

If you'd like to learn how and why I meal plan around local foods, you can check out my post on How and Why I Meal Plan (GF and Locavore-ish)

Week of: April 20 – 25
Out to a friend’s for a Russian blini party
A faux Canadian Easter dinner with GF Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls, Hot Cross Buns, GF, Vegan German Easter Bread, Cucumber salad, and GF chocolate ravioli for dessert
Sushi Rolls made from the rice leftover from Tuesday’s dinner
Hubby is making dinner
Leftover lentils from Tuesday turned into faux meatballs and served with pasta

What are you cooking up this week?

GF, Dairy-Free Hot Cross Buns


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