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Sunday, November 18, 2012

DIY Fabric Wrapped Cord Rug from Scrap Fabric

How to make a rug using scrap fabric

This is a very simple way to use up scrap fabric.  Cut some strips of fabric, wrap some cord, set your sewing machine on zigzag, and away you go! 

In the spirit of my new link exchange, Waste Not Want Not Wednesday I've been trying to use up some of my numerous cupboards worth of scrap fabric.

Last week I posted a tutorial for making coasters using scrap fabric.  Following that same idea, I just expanded it to make a little rug for our front doorway. 

For detailed instructions head on over the DIY Coasters from Scrap Fabric tutorial.  Essentially, all I did was to make the centre less of a circle and more of a rectangle, so that the rug shape ended up more of an oval than a circle.  In the future if I do this again, I would probably make it even more of a rectangle, as in the end this still ended up a bit more circle than oval! 

Rectangle in the centre of the rug

Part way through I switched from using the gold cord shown in my coaster tutorial, to some thicker clothesline cord.  FYI - this whole process goes much faster when the cord is larger!

The best way to add more cord if you need to is to hand sew the two ends together (the end of the cord that's been wrapped in fabric, and the end of the new cord).  This will create a little bump in the rug, but it will balance itself out as you continue sewing.  

The most time consuming part of this is wrapping the cord.  So during the course of an evening spent watching movies with hubby, I wrapped fabric.  And wrapped.  And wrapped some more.  

Then the next day I sewed a bit.  Then wrapped.  And wrapped.  And wrapped some more. 

Keep wrapping and sewing until the rug is the size you want.

Oh and also, make sure as you're sewing that the rug is fairly level.  If it is bent or hanging off the side of the machine it might start to alter the shape of the rug so that it doesn't lie flat on the ground.  It may become more like a bowl.

My suggestion, prop the growing rug up on a book as you sew.  I happened to use my laptop so I could watch tv while I was sewing! 

One more thing:  make sure you have enough thread!  This does use a fair amount of thread.  I switched thread occasionally to match the fabric, but you may like the more rustic look of contrasting thread. 

Do you make your own scrap fabric rugs?  What method do you use?

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  1. This looks so pretty!!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks, Helen! I'm lucky I had a bunch of satin in different shades of blue, so it really gives it a rich finish :)

  2. So pretty! You should make these to sell. :)
    Actually I should try using up some of my scraps doing this. :)

    1. I'm so flattered you think so! Thanks so much and I'd love to hear about it if you do decide to make one :)

  3. amazing!!!! Wow!! Thanks so much for linking up to Tasteful Tuesday at Nap-Time Creations. Just stopping by to let you know you are being featured at this weeks party! Stop by and check it out, link goes live 8:30 central time.

  4. Love it! i agree, you should sell them. :) Thanks for sharing with Natural Living Monday!

    1. Thanks Katie :) I'm so glad you like them. Thanks so much for hosting Natural Living Monday!

  5. Wow, good job. I really like the Rectangle in the centre of the rug. Its fantastic.

  6. The materials used on this fabric looks amazing, and the fabric as well is just astounding which resulted into a really good rug. I love your share, it's really nice. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, I'm lucky I had some beautiful satin kicking around :)

  7. Its simplicity made it stands out, well turning scrap fabric into a stunning piece, definitely well done, thanks for linking us with the instruction, at last another project to do before Christmas.


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