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Sunday, July 31, 2016

15 Easy, Vegetarian and Gluten Free One Pot Dinners for Hot Summer Nights

Hi all, I know I've been AWOL the last month, and I apologize! Things have been quite hectic, I released The Draughtsman's Daughter early this month, and my brother-in-law just had a fabulous wedding on Friday, at which I was the MC.

But now that the dust has settled, I hope to be back on schedule for regular postings!

Earlier this summer I went through a one-pot meal phase, and I decided for ease of access to put a bunch of my best, gluten free one-pot dinners together in one post. There's nothing worse than slaving over a hot stove in the heat, stirring and frying and boiling and sweating and swearing... oh, wait, that may just be me! 

So here it is! A list of easy, healthy, gluten free one-pot meals (almost ALL of which have vegan options) that can be whipped up in no time - most under 30 minutes - and are perfect to keep the kitchen cool in the summer heat!

Asian Rice and Vegetables


Chili-Lime Rice and Beans

Ragout, Greek-Inspired

Crock Pot or Not Chocolate Quinoa Chili

Tuscan Noodle Soup
Spartan-Style White Beans and Greens

Fast and Easy Borscht

Herbed Tuna Pasta Salad

Fish Soup

Thai Noodle and Veggie Bowl

Bean and Turmeric Curry

Chickpea and Sweet Potato Curry Soup

Apple Cinnamon Cabbage Stew

Cannelini Bean and Swiss Chard Stem Stew

I hope these help keep your kitchen cool during the hot summer days! 

What are your favourite one-pot meals?
What's your go-to summer dinner to keep the kitchen cool?

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