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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Makings of an Oral Allergy Syndrome Cookbook: Recipes for Oral Allergy Syndrome

UPDATE:  Living with Oral Allergy Syndrome: A Gluten and Meat-Free Cookbook for Wheat, Soy, Nut, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Allergies is now available

Get it in print from: * * Barnes & Noble * Indigo * Black Bond Books * or ask at your local bookstore!

In the early stages of the book I had asked readers for input so that you all could get the most out of this book. That's what this post was originally about. It's been updated somewhat to reflect that the book is now available.

Below, you can check out some of the updates I made as the book was in the process of being researched and recipes were tested and photographed. You'll also find an outline of the first two chapters of the book, as well as links to photos of the recipes, as well as some other articles on OAS.

 I thank you all for your comments here and elsewhere on the blog, as well as your emails. It's helped to guide this book and I hope you'll find it useful!


Why am I writing a book on Oral Allergy Syndrome?


Two reasons:  I myself had to struggle for many years, first to discover the cause of my numerous physical ailments and then to learn to manage it. I've spent years researching every article and published study I can find on it. Most people don't have the resources, time or ability to do this and by putting my findings into plain English I hope that this book will help others avoid some of the frustration and suffering I had to undergo.

Secondly, oral allergy syndrome is THE leading cause of food allergies and people need to be aware of that. I hope this book raises awareness and prompts more research on OAS to help determine a solution of sorts, or at least a greater understanding and awareness. I would like to assure people: "no, you are not crazy for thinking you are allergic to lettuce or apples or that almonds make your tongue feel, well, fuzzy, and you aren't just making it up to get attention!" 

What will does the book contain?

The topics have been determined by my own curiosity about OAS, as well as the many, many questions and comments I've received on my Oral Allergy Syndrome page.  If you'd like to know more, or want to see something I haven't listed here, please let me know in the comments section below!

The simple outline for the first two chapters (approx 40 pages of info!) is as such: 

Introduction: Oral Allergy Syndrome as the leading cause of food allergies 
Statistics and basics of OAS

Chapter 1: Understanding Oral Allergy Syndrome (a.k.a. Pollen-Food Allergy)

* What is oral allergy syndrome? (a detailed explanation)
* What types of food are associated with OAS?
* How does the cross-reaction work?
* Diagnosis of OAS
* Is there treatment for OAS?
* What causes OAS and Allergies? 
* Potential factors and aggravations for allergies
* Potential preventative measures and treatments
* Guidelines and tips for managing OAS
* Tips for managing seasonal allergies
* Food-dependent, exercise induced anaphylaxis
* Managing cosmetic use
* Tips for eating out

Chapter 2: Cooking for OAS

* Treating Fruits and Veggies for Safer Consumption
* Various Types of Wheat Allergies vs Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance
* Charts with hidden sources of allergens
* Snacking Suggestions for OAS
* Basic Meal Suggestions for OAS

Plus 6 Chapters of recipes that include everything from Breakfasts and Baked Goods to Main Courses and Desserts!

As a sampler, you can check out some photo shoots for the book here:

Random Photos from Photo shoots for the OAS Cookbook
More Random Photos from Photo shoots for the OAS Cookbook

Chilled Pear Soup
Fruit Popsicles (Rocket Pops and Purple Popsicles)

If you'd like to see some of my research and writing on OAS, you can check out these posts:

Allergic to Lettuce?!
Oral Allergy Syndrome, Wheat Allergies & Your Cosmetics
Celiac Disease, Wheat Allergies, Oral Allergy Syndrome & Sprouted Grains
The Oral Allergy Syndrome Page

And don't forget


Living with Oral Allergy Syndrome: A Gluten and Meat-Free Cookbook for Wheat, Soy, Nut, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Allergies  


is now available

Get your copy today from: * * Barnes & Noble * Indigo * Black Bond Books * or ask at your local bookstore!



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  1. How's it coming?? I have Celiac and OAS so I'm extremely excited to get your book!

    1. Thanks so much for your interest! The current publication goal is for end of August/early September. I've added some links above to a couple of photoshoots that have been done in preparation for the book, and I will be adding some more photos today or tomorrow :) Here are the links from above:

    2. How can I purchase this book?

    3. Hi danyell - the book is now available for purchase on here -

  2. Hey there, my friend Dominic told me about your site! So happy to have found it! Would love to get your book - is it out yet? I have OAS but much more seriously so...anaphylactic reactions to most stone fruits, including avocado. I'm also vegan and allergic to all tree nuts. On top of that, I have food dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis, which is a condition where a food that I could normally tolerate may trigger an anaphylactic reaction when coupled with exercise. So I have to do all my training early in the mornings before having eaten. At any rate, good to meet fellow allergy sufferers who are still kicking ass and taking names!

    1. Hi Karina, thanks for stopping by, glad Dominic shared the site with you :) The hope is that the book will be ready within a couple of weeks, and I will definitely announce it when it is ready, so stay tuned!

      Are you ok with canned fruits and cooked vegetables? Having exercise-induced anaphylaxis on top of everything must make things a real nuisance! I feel for you.

  3. Can I pre-order this book?! Seriously, I'm going to keep it as my bible ;)
    Do you have a twitter or facebook page that will have updates on the book anywhere?

    1. Aw, thanks Alex, I'm thrilled you're looking forward to the book. As soon as it's ready(very soon, I promise!) it will be made immediately available so there's no need to pre:order. You can find me on facebook using the links at the top of the page, or check back in here. I will definitely be letting everyone know as soon as it's done.

  4. Finding your site about OAS was OMG - Now I know that all the weird things I can't eat that normal humans can eat isn't just in my head - that there's a reason why I'm allergic to some lettuces, or can't eat eggs for breakfast, or why bananas are delicious fruits that want to kill me from the inside-out. Count me in for a book purchase! I solemnly swear I will put stickies on pages, highlight everything, and keep it in my kitchen were I can refer to it often and remind myself that I'm not nuts... I just have to be careful eating them....

    1. Lol, thanks for cracking me up, Sarah. No, you're totally not nuts, but hopefully you'll go bananas over the book ;) Stay tuned, as I anticipate it to be available almost any day now!

  5. Great blog and book. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I've suffered with OAS for over 15 years now and recently saw an ad for a powdered juicer potion called OJC. Wondering if you or anyone has info on that. If I can't juice because I'm allergic to the raw fruits and veggies maybe the powder form is safe? Your thoughts.

    1. Hi, I've never heard of that specific brand but I know that some people have had problems having powdered and/or dried fruit and veg. If you're particularly sensitive, I would suggest proceeding with caution, or checking with your doctor. Usually the drying process doesn't heat the food enough to destroy allergen proteins, so it could still cause stomach upset, etc.

      Personally, I wouldn't have the powdered form of something I was very allergic to, but everyone is different. Hope that helps!


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