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Saturday, February 15, 2014

My GF, Locavore-ish Weekly Meal Plan

This week I’m focusing on making large, one pot meals that can serve as lunches and cut back on cooking time, because I’m working on finishing up a couple of projects (exciting announcement to come soon!)

Now let the meal planning begin!

This week I’m planning around the following farmers market finds:

* 3 organic beets                                 * 3 organic watermelon radishes
* 1 large organic turnip                       * 3lb bag organic carrots
* 3 organic parsnips                            * 2 red onions
* 1 lg bag organic apples
If you'd like to learn how and why I meal plan around local foods, you can check out my post on How and Why I Meal Plan (GF and Locavore-ish)

Week of: February 15-21
In the Freezer: Big batches of frozen beans, frozen brown rice, GF Chocolate Beer Cake, Frozen Soup Stock, chicken burger patties, frozen veggies
In the Fridge: parsnips, radish, turnips, carrots, apples, kale, big box of organic spinach, oranges, grapefruit, onions, garlic, ginger, cabbage, applesauce, GF beer
In the Cupboard: lentils, beans, organic tortillas, organic popcorn, organic cornmeal, brown rice, GF flours, local honey, rice vermicelli, rice noodles, canned fruit, Grandma’s Dill Pickles
Hubby’s making root veggie stew with our market veggies
Quinoa and Frozen Black Bean Chili
Cooked lentil stew with frozen brown rice for Meatless Monday! (recipe to come)
Warm Greens and Chickpea Salad using Frozen Chickpeas
Hubby is making pasta
Scrounging through leftovers

 What are you eating this week?


  1. Sounds like a healthy menu. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Healthy Happy Green & Natural Blog Hop! Have a wonderful healthy day!


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